Freelance artist, July 2001 to Present

create original illustrations for various companies and individuals including logos, promotional materials, 2D animation, and digital imagery.

Sample Clients & Results:

3rd Floor Productions
Created illustrations, and color graphics for various projects including their websites, a web series and an independent film. A brief 2D animated short was also created for their film featuring original character designs and backgrounds.

MX Publishing
Artist "Sherlock Holmes and the Horror of Frankenstein" & contributing artist for "Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Crystal Blue Bottle" and "Project Two, to One Be"

ReSec Inc.
Updated their logo, letterhead and provided scaled schematics of their rental properties for perspective clients.

Fresh Monkey Fiction
Illustrations and colorist

Illustrations and colorist

Machinery Express
Created original artwork for client's quarterly promotional cards mailed across the U.S.

"Marcie is always my first step on a project. She's talented, fast, and most importantly, reliable. I always know that with her design skills, I'll have all the material I need to translate my ideas to my crew. She's an invaluable part of the process."
- Sean Rourke,
3rd Floor Productions

"She always meets and usually exceeds our clients' expectations."
- Mike Allen, Instructional

"...she genuinely enjoys the processes of multimedia production and working with new hardware and software. This shows in her positive attitude and her ability to commit herself to her work."
- Kip Finnegan,
Instructional Services Director